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Humanocare GmbH


Field of Activity

Humanocare GmbH finds innovative, individual and successful solutions in the social and healthcare sector. They provide a wide range of services to different retirement- and residential homes and care organisations in Austria, supporting their clients with services like:

  • Business management and Interimsmanagement

  • Project management

  • Quality management

  • Process management

  • Project support and consultancy

  • Project development and planning

  • Recruiting of specialists and executive staff

  • Education and trainings


Mission - Vision - Core Values

Qualified staff, cooperation with partner facilities and networking partners, as well as discretion is the base for the competences that provide high quality and professional services. Humanocare GmbH is focusing on their clients’ benefits and balance social security and economic feasibility.


Role in the Project

  • Know-how and business process provider

  • Representation of primary and secondary end-user interests

  • Responsible for implementation of test environment in end-user facilities and homes

  • Dissemination and system integration involvement


Project relevant Know-how

Know-how of care-services, business process and end-user interests in elderly, residential homes and home care, because of long lasting experience and consulting in the social and healthcare sector.


Reference Projects supporting 2PCS

Provider of different retirement homes, care homes and healthcare facilities

Rehabilitation center:

  • Reha Zentrum Münster (250 beds)

  • NeuroCare Salzburg (29 beds)

Residential and care homes:

  • Soziales Kompetenzzentrum Rum (71 beds)

  • Sozialzentrum Münster (52 beds)

  • Haus für Senioren Absam (70 beds)

  • Seniorenzentrum Fischamend (30 Betten)
  • Brandenberg (14 beds)

  • Reha Salzburg am Kapuzinerberg (ambulante Reha)

Home care services:

  • Sozialsprengel Rum

Research and development:

  • Partner in former research activities with UIBK and RFE

  • Schloss Arenberg Center for Arts & Science

  • Feasibility study ‘Hybride Kommunikationstechnologien im Betreuungswesen’ (hybrid communication technologies in the care industry)


National Funding Agency

Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft - FFG

FFG - The Austrian Research Promotion Agency  / Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft


Office Location

Humanocare GmbH
Neuhauserstraße 5
6020 Innsbruck

  • Project Leader

Sabine Böhler
Phone: +43 512 53 02 915

Company Website