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Curena AG


Field of Activity

Current activities include responding to Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) (currently serving about 7'000 customers), acting as a call center at night and on weekends, scheduling caregivers and nurses at night and on weekends, handing out living wills or advance directives to eligible addressees and being the service desk and passing services orders from flat renters on to contractors. All this is offered to B2B-Customers and performed in the name and identity of the customers.

The shareholders expect Curena being leading edge regarding its service offering in the area of personal security and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL). In a joint effort with the Swiss Red Cross of the canton Zurich Curena launched successfully mobile PERS devices and services with locating features.


Mission - Vision - Core Values

Curena's mission is "to help older, ill and handicapped people to live a long, safe, self-determined and dignified life at home or in another convenient way of residing."

Curena is an emergency call center and service desk mainly aiming at the needs of elder people. The company is owned by the Swiss Red Cross of the canton Zurich.


Role in the Project

  • UseCase und Know-How Provider

  • requirements definition

  • end user tests

  • develop concepts for cross-selling activities


Project relevant Know-how

Curena is currently the only emergency call center in Switzerland that focuses on the needs of elder people.


Reference Projects supporting 2PCS

Curena is currently serving several hundred customers using mobile emergency devices. Additionally Curena is the chosen emergency call center for an emergency device that is integrated in a conventional wrist watch. Curena has experience supporting customers with dementia.


National Funding Agency

Bundesamt für Berufsbildung und Technologie - BBT

OPET - Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology / BBT - Bundesamt für Berufsbildung und Technologie


Office Location

Curena AG
Seminarstrasse 28
8057 Zürich

  • Project Leader

Andri Färber
Phone:  +41 58 105 05 05

  • Contact Person

Marcel Fritsch
Phone:  +41 58 105 05 05

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