Review AAL Forum 2013 Norrköping

The 2PCS booth was well-attended, especially since we were able to show-case a working product.
Short video-clips of pictures from tests at Perlavita Rosenau were shown in the background which made our presentation very lively.
Most of the visitors to our booth were from the field of "mobile nursing services" and research facilities. 37 visitors expressed their interest in our product and will be kept up-to-date about the latest developments and the projected time of market-entry.

5th Consortium Meeting

The results of the first longer test periods were presented at the 5th Consortium Meeting in Bolzano, Italy. The 2PCS Gamma version of the hardware (watch) and an updated version of the software were shown. The next large test scenarios will be carried out paralell in Italy, Austria and Switzerland (incl. a service call centre). We are already looking forward to that test period.

4th Consortium Meeting

Our 4th Consortium Meeting was held in Vienna. The next gerneration of prototypes of the hardware and software were shown. Again it was great to see the development and still there is a lot to come!

Additionally a first version of the business calculation and product/market-combinations were presented. A special business model task force is pushing the topic adequately - good job!

3rd Consortium Meeting

We have just had our 3rd Consortium Meeting in Amsterdam. The first prototypes of the hardware and software were shown. It is amazing what the partners of the consortium have developed during the last 6 months.
Aligned to the consortium meeting we had a special workshop using the Business Model Canvas ( as a official kick-off for the business planning activities within 2PCS.

2PCS Crowdsourcing platform is online!

We are proud to introduce you our innovative and social user integration activity: The 2PCS Crowdsourcing platform

In this online community you can submit ideas, vote on existing ideas or just add comments regarding our project as well as general AAL topics. You can exchange your ideas with other experts and help further developing our market oriented solution together. In other words, it's a great way to be part of the 2PCS Community. You can exchange your ideas and help to develop an amazing product.

Project Partner Meeting Zurich 2012

Date: 10th of March 2012

Five countries, nine partners, and a lot of expertise and enthusiasm included. Unified in an EU project and having a specific goal in mind. In fact, it is about the joint development of an innovative product and service offer to provide elderly persons with comprehensive safety. What many promise, is soon becoming reality through a coordinated project of the University of Innsbruck, under scientific leadership of Prof. Kurt Promberger and Dr. Felix Piazolo. A multi-functional device, unique in functionality and ease of use.

2nd Consortium Meeting

The next upcoming project meeting will take place on monday march 5th in Zurich, Switzerland.
We are looking forward to having an effective 2PCS-day!

1st Consortium Meeting & Kickoff

The project starts now!
We are looking forward to a successful and interesting project in the next two years.